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    Meet Emma…



    It’s hard to sit down and describe myself. To tell you all about me, but I’m going to do my best to help you get to know me and to help you understand how I found myself in this amazing, whirlwind of a business and career that I love more than I ever knew possible.

    For eight years I held a full-time job, working for someone else — going through the motions of each day, feeling out of place and sometimes just down-right miserable. I knew there had to be something better, but I didn’t quite know what that was or how to find out.

    Then, in 2009, I bought a camera.

    I’ve loved photography — even since I was a little girl, and my aunt taught me how to use her Pentax Spotmatic SLR. But I never thought it could ever be anything more than a fun hobby at best. Even when I purchased my own camera I had serious doubts it would — or could — ever be anything remotely close to an actual career.

    I didn’t have much confidence in my abilities to venture out on my own, so I didn’t. I stayed put. Working a job that was bearable only because I loved my boss and had unlimited freedom (all the while, learning how to use my camera and practicing on anything that would stay still long enough for me to press the shutter button). But, God had other plans, so he kicked me out of that comfort zone. I was laid off. I found myself unemployed and scared. I knew I had been presented with a great opportunity, but I had no idea what to do with it.

    So, I jumped right back in. I found a job almost identical to the one I’d just lost and proceeded to experience the worst year of my life. And almost immediately, I wanted out. I was more miserable than ever, and all I could think about was running away.

    And then, He did it again. I was out. Laid off. Outsourced. Management company. SEVERANCE PACKAGE!

    Being laid off twice in a year and a half is a pretty clear sign that I was in the wrong profession. But after teaching me a very hard lesson, God had offered me one more chance, and I was taking it!

    So, here I am. More ready than I think I’ll ever be and scared to death!

    Your support and encouragement means more to me than you could ever know. So, thank you for being here! I hope you’ll keep coming back…and tell your friends!